5 Brilliant Lavender Varieties That Can Be Grown Easily In Your Garden

Lavender is a beautiful flower with a unique scent and delicate appearance that adds a touch of elegance to any garden. It’s also surprisingly easy to grow, making it the perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike. In this article, we’ll take a look at five lavender varieties you can easily grow in your garden, so you can start enjoying their beauty and fragrance in no time!


Its stunning mauve-colored flowers make Jean Davis lavender an eye-catching addition to your garden. This variety could be grown alone or mixed with other lavender varieties of different colors.

It grows 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet tall. Jean Davis is a dwarf variety that is well suited to containers and raised beds. In addition to being deer and rabbit resistant, this perennial shrub attracts butterflies and bees, so you don’t have to worry about eating the blooms.


It is a great variety to grow in a rock garden. Thumbelina Leigh has lots of stunning violet blooms for your garden to enjoy. It is a compact dwarf variety that grows 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet in height. It can also be grown in containers, allowing you to enjoy the blooms anywhere in your garden!


If you like to walk in the garden and enjoy sights and smells, you’ll love Grosso, a species classified as a hybrid/lavandin! This variety has a lot of beautiful blooms and is highly fragrant!

This variety makes excellent cut flowers due to its long stem, which grows up to 3 feet tall. In addition to being drought and salt-tolerant, this variety is also resistant to those that may destroy your blooms, such as deer and rabbit. It also attracts pollinators and makes a great hedge in your garden.


The provence species is another beautiful hybrid variety. With large 3-inch blooms and growing to two to two and a half feet tall, this plant is perfect for taking up space in the garden. It is also well suited to humid climates and dries easily, just as many others do.

The dried blooms of this species make excellent potpourri and sachets, and are also delicious as a culinary ingredient. Deadhead the blooms after they bloom in summer to encourage more growth.


Kew red lavender has a beautiful raspberry-colored bloom with shorter stems than other varieties of lavender. It is an annual variety in the Spanish classification.

This lavender is an early bloomer, so gardeners can enjoy this flower early in the season! It will grow in three-gallon containers, but if you’re growing it from seed, you’ll need patience till it germinates!


Lavender is a beautiful, fragrant plant that can be used in many different ways and makes an attractive addition to any garden. With the five varieties of lavender outlined here, you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your needs and tastes. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or want a unique variety, there’s sure to be at least one type of lavender perfect for your garden. So give it a try – these amazing plants are easy to grow and will bring beauty and scent into your life!

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