A Sugar-Free Collagen Hot Chocolate For Glowing Skin & Cozy Night In


More specifically, one large study noted by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) found an inverse relationship between consuming skim milk and clear skin. In fact, women who drank skim milk were 44% more likely to experience breakouts1. So you might want to choose another type of cow’s milk or opt for an alternative milk, like almond or cashew, instead. 

Once you have your milk at the ready, keep your chocolate source as pure as possible. As stated by the AAD, a low-glycemic index diet can lead to smoother skin, so definitely look for something low in sugar.

The mbg chocolate beauty & gut collagen+ is an easy winner for many reasons. Not only does it contain zero added sugar thanks to the organic monk fruit extract (from 100% pure monk fruit!), it’s filled with additional nutrients, botanicals, and bioactives that your skin will love. A few notable ones include: 


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