Amazon evades hefty fine in the EU by settling antitrust cases

What you need to know

  • Amazon has made a series of concessions to address the European Union’s concerns over its use of the sellers’ data to gain market advantage.
  • The online retail giant has agreed not to use the sellers’ data for its own retail business and in-house products.
  • Amazon has also committed to giving equal treatment to sellers when ranking their offers for the “buy box” button on its website.
  • The EU could have imposed a fine of up to 10% of Amazon’s global annual turnover without these concessions.

Amazon’s business is so immense that it’s constantly being watched by regulators worldwide, not the least of which is the European Commission’s antitrust watchdog. The regulators have been probing the retail giant’s marketplace practices since at least 2019 for antitrust violations, some of which have now been addressed by the company.

The EC has announced (opens in new tab) that Amazon agreed to make changes to its business practices in order to settle two antitrust probes. The regulators have accepted those concessions and will continue to monitor the company for at least the next seven years.

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