Beauty Breakdown: Our Full Guide To Big Event Skin Prep


 “I tell all my clients leading up to a big event to make sure they are drinking their water,” NYC-based makeup artist Alexandra Gillieo tells mbg. Plus, eating antioxidant-rich foods will help you glow from within the day after. 

If you can, get a good night of sleep before your big event. “Looking well-rested is the best skin prep you can do,” cosmetic chemistry expert and product developer Charlene Valledor tells mbg.

While you’re sleeping, load up on topical hydration as well via a sleep mask. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter, and botanical oils like squalene and marula to lock in hydration. If you’re ready to buy, this Youth to the People Dream Mask is an easy winner. 

Try your best to avoid using potentially irritating products like retinol and potent exfoliants the night before. Even if you’ve used them in the past, it’s not worth risking a random bout of redness or even retinol-induced dermatitis. 


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