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Kids love gadgets as much as adults (maybe even more), so it’s no surprise the idea of having their own smartwatch gets them excited. Finding the best kids smartwatch to get for your child can be daunting with so many choices on the market. 

Aside from wading through all the options, it’s also important to consider privacy, durability, and cost when searching for the best kids smartwatch. One watch that does a great job of these core features is the TickTalk 4. Sure, you may think that any cheap Android smartwatches would work, and it might, but kids smartwatches have a lot of safety features that can make them a better option. There are many choices out there, so let us help you find the best kids smartwatch for your child.

These are the best kids Android smartwatches

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Best Overall

Reasons to buy


Step tracking has been added


Much improved battery life


Added dedicated GPS for location tracking


iHeartRadio Family is included


The display is much better than the previous version


Secure calling and messaging

Reasons to avoid

Still no geofencing

The watch is really thick

Location reporting can still be hit or miss

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