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In just a few short years, big phones have gone from being an outlier to the norm in the smartphone industry. Just about every major device released these days has a larger physical size, and while that’s great for watching movies and playing games, it can be a challenge for those who prefer phones to be small and compact. Thankfully, there are still plenty of options, including the Google Pixel 6a as our top overall pick.

You won’t have to squint to see the best small phones

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The home screen of the Google Pixel 6a with wallpaper from Backdrops

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Best overall small phone

Reasons to buy


Android 13 with Material You is fabulous


Outstanding cameras


IP68 dust and water resistance


Works with all U.S. carriers


Google Tensor at a great price


Best haptics around

Reasons to avoid

No telephoto lens

No wireless charging

No headphone jack

60Hz display

Google’s Pixel A-series has long been a value leader since the series was introduced. While most A-series phones have been on the smaller side, they often pair the diminutive size and price with equally diminutive specs. This time around, however, the Pixel 6a can be considered a “value flagship” phone that also doubles as the best small phone you can buy.

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