Can you use Firefox on Chromebooks?

Can you use Firefox on Chromebooks?

Best answer: Yes. The Firefox web browser can be used on a Chromebook, but it requires a bit of a workaround in order to install the full desktop version with all the added features. Firefox is also only compatible with Chromebooks running ChromeOS 8.0 or later. But it is indeed possible to get Firefox running as an alternative browser on your Chromebook.

Why would you want to install Firefox on a Chromebook?

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Chromebooks come with Google’s baked-in features and functions, which includes the Chrome browser. But some might prefer the Firefox browser for advantages like Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) so your personal data isn’t revealed to ad and social trackers. But also, since Firefox is backed by a not-for-profit company, some users might prefer to use it for the social and economic reasons alone. 

Firefox is always adding new features, too, like the recent switch of websites to HTTPS mode on Android. 

How can you get Firefox on a Chromebook?

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