Four of our favorite Oculus Quest 2 games just got huge updates

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What you need to know

  • Resolution games announced major updates for Blaston, Demeo, Bait, and Ultimechs, which are all available right now.
  • Demeo is getting a new PvP mode in 2023 called Demeo Battles, and the PC version is now compatible with Steam Deck.
  • A new mixed-reality FPS game called Spatial Ops is now available for free, and another new game, Racket Club, is debuting in 2023.

The Holidays are surely upon us if the latest announcements from Resolution Games are anything to go by. The company held its first-ever annual Resolution Games Showcase to make several announcements, including four major updates to existing games — all of which are available right now — a brand-new mixed reality first-person shooter game that’s free and is available now, and a new social sports game debuting in 2023.

VR’s best D&D gets better

First up is Demeo (opens in new tab), a fan-favorite D&D-like board game and one of the best Quest 2 games (opens in new tab) you can buy. The fifth and final Elven King campaign module is now available for free to all players. Reign of Madness sends players to the town of Ends to close the Rift Bridge and stop the Elven King once and for all.

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