How To Find Out Who You Were In A Past Life, According To Experts


Once you have some new knowledge on who you were in a past life, you can begin to reflect on how it could be impacting you now in this lifetime. As Gaia explains, there is likely a particular lesson or lessons that are asking to be learned through you and your experiences.

“So we look at what it is you need to break and use that information to your advantage rather than using it to fuel your ego,” she explains, adding whether you were a princess or a peasant in a past life, it comes down to how you use this information to fulfill your purpose.

“Looking at the reoccurring patterns and knowing your soul’s blueprint are really important for the foundation of figuring out who you are and why you are the way that you are in this lifetime,” she adds.

Or as Barham puts it, understanding past lives “really broadens people’s perspective on what we’re doing on the planet, why we’re here, and the connections we have—so it’s just a great way to explore: What is this existence all about?”

Whether you’re experiencing repeated patterns in your relationships, your health, or your career, Gaia notes, once you understand what’s been carried over from other lifetimes, you can “make adjustments in your life and be more conscious about what’s repeating.”


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