I actually use these smart devices to track my fitness progress. Here’s how they compare

Tech is good for a lot of things, but the biggest use case for me is fitness. I’m constantly juggling between a few different devices to help me stay accountable on my fitness journey. That includes the Oura Ring (Gen 3), Galaxy Watch 5, and Withings Body Cardio smart scale. However, since some of these devices overlap in terms of the metrics and services they offer, I wanted to take a look at how they compare.

I normally workout at least four days per week, and I’m usually wearing the Galaxy Watch 5 and Oura Ring. They’re both very capable devices, and they can perform many similar functions, although the Oura Ring is more passive, doing its collection in the background. Essentially, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a bit more hands-on, while the Oura Ring is more on-hand.

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