Mint Mobile free trial: how to get it and should you subscribe afterwards?

If you’re looking to ditch the traditional wireless lifestyle and try out a prepaid carrier, you could do a lot worse than Mint Mobile. One of the most popular and beloved MVNOs on the market (and the only one owned by Ryan Reynolds), Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s massive network to provide excellent wireless coverage at a much lower cost. They’re also incredibly flexible, with plans starting as low as $15/month for 4GB of data, and they offer a number of great deals if you’d like to save even more cash.

That being said, many folks would rather try out a service before committing their hard-earned money to a new carrier. After all, one of the benefits of an MVNO carrier is that you aren’t locked down by any complicated contract and you’re free to change your plan or cancel at any time. Luckily, Mint Mobile offers a free trial that lets you try out its service for a full week with zero risk. But how does it work? How can you sign up? And is Mint Mobile really worth it? This guide will answer all of those questions and more. 

Mint Mobile free trial instructions screenshot

(Image credit: Mint Mobile)

Does Mint Mobile offer a free trial?

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