Nurture Deep And Restful Sleep With An Omega-3 Supplement


In a 2021 Nutrients study, researchers tested the effects of EPA- and DHA-rich omega-3 supplements4 on sleep quality in healthy adults with inadequate fish consumption. 

Compared to the placebo, participants that took DHA-rich fish oil saw a significant increase in sleep efficiency (the amount of time in bed spent sleeping) and a significant decrease in sleep latency (the amount of time taken to fall asleep). Participants that took EPA-rich fish oil saw a significant increase in sleep efficiency and reported feeling rested, energetic, and ready to perform. 

Overall, the study results showed that an omega-3 supplement (particularly, a fish oil rich in DHA and EPA) can have a beneficial effect on overall sleep quality in individuals that don’t get enough oily fish in their diet (most of us).* 

In other words? If you don’t eat fish on a regular basis, upping your EPA and DHA intake through supplementation is a fantastic way to ensure healthy omega-3 levels are established in your body, for overall health (including helping you fall asleep faster and get more restorative sleep with fewer disruptions).*


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