Oppo comes for Google and Samsung with four years of major ColorOS update promise

What you need to know

  • Oppo has promised to roll out four years of major OS updates to its flagship phones.
  • The new update policy will apply to 2023 models, leaving existing flagship devices out in the cold.
  • Oppo’s selected flagship models will also receive five years of security patches globally.

Oppo is joining the ranks of Android OEMs committing to longer software support for smartphones. The company has announced that it will provide four years of major ColorOS updates to its selected flagship phones, starting with 2023 models.

The company revealed (opens in new tab) the new software update policy alongside the rollout of ColorOS 13, and it comes a few weeks after OnePlus announced the same update policy for its upcoming devices. Oppo says this only applies to selected flagship models that will launch in 2023, meaning its existing lineup of premium phones will not get the same treatment. The same is true for its mid-range models.

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