Your Oculus Quest 2 just got a performance upgrade overnight

What you need to know

  • The December v47 update silently introduced a new performance boost on the Quest 2, which was enabled on December 22, 2022.
  • The Quest 2’s GPU can now scale up to 525MHz when needed, a boost up from the previous maximum of 490MHz.
  • Meta says this equates to a 7% increase in overall performance which should help developers further enhance game detail, resolution, and performance.

It’s a Christmas miracle! If you own a Meta Quest 2 — or end up finding one under your Christmas tree this holiday season — you can now enjoy the fruits of Meta’s labor as the latest firmware update just unlocked a GPU upgrade for the 2-year-old VR console.

The latest post on the Oculus developers blog (opens in new tab) informs readers that the GPU on the Quest 2 headset can now ramp up to 525MHz — that’s up from a maximum of 490MHz previously. Best yet, that action can happen right now thanks to the December v47 update (opens in new tab) that rolled out two weeks ago. That means all those upcoming Quest 2 games (opens in new tab) will be able to take advantage of better graphics and more stable framerates as a result of the clock speed boost.

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